Every ESP claims to give marketers the same things: great deliverability, low cost, helpful support. A lot of them talk about big data, when what marketers really need is data that is immediately actionable, data that will allow marketers to respond in real time to online prospect and customer activity and trigger great emails with persuasive calls to action?

Calibr is an all-in-one, easy-to-use feature-rich ESP that gives marketers everything they need with all-inclusive pricing. With Calibr, marketers leverage the power of Now Data to respond immediately to subscribers' activity while they are still online, thus multiplying the email's effectiveness:

  • Respond in real time to online activity of prospects and customers
  • Increase customer lifetime value
  • Leverage an easy-to-use, all-in-one platform
  • All-inclusive pricing means no surprises
  • Drive significant revenue from email deployments triggered by subscribers' social activity online

eMail Cascades

Calibr offers eMail cascades that send a prewritten set of messages to subscribers over time. These email cascades can be triggered by Now Data, which is data received from subscribers.

Dynamic Lists

Calibr includes dynamic lists that enable marketers to easily create list segments based on recent subscriber activity, including activity on the marketer's website.

Transactional eMails

Calibr also allows marketers to create transactional emails—welcome emails, order confirmations, etc.—that are critical for customer support.

Shopping-cart Abandonment eMails

Calibr delivers not only shopping-cart abandonment emails, but also catches the 90% of customers who don't make it to the shopping cart with website reengagement emails.

A/B Testing

Calibr includes A/B testing, allowing marketers to uncover the factors that deliver the best results.

triggered eMails social interaction

Social Optimizer

Calibr offers a social optimizer that will import social activity from multiple social websites to a single page that's updated with additional activity and content in real time.

Third-party eMail Validation Service

Calibr delivers list services that include a third-party email validation service to cleanse lists of hard bounces, spam traps, improperly formatted email addresses, and more.

Best Support

Calibr delivers the best support. Marketers have an assigned account manager and customer-service manager and receive all the support they need to get the most out of the technology.

All-inclusive Rate

Calibr competes with the industry's best prices and offers everything at one low, all-inclusive rate.

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Extremely Easy To Use

Calibr does all that, and is still extremely easy to use. If it takes marketers a long time to learn how to use a platform, it will take a long time to respond to subscribers. Now data is about real time responses, and marketers need the agility delivered by an easy-to-use platform.

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