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There are hundreds of ways to for B2C marketers to spend acquisition budgets.

But, what they really need to understand is which lead sources to spend money on: which ones deliver the marketers' highest possible ROI. CertainSource Acquire leverages algorithms to manage thousands of prospect sources across multiple channels, automatically and in real time, to identify the ones delivering the best customers.

The CertainSource Acquire dashboard is the most advanced tool in the business. It's a mobile-optimized dynamic dashboard where marketers access all the information they need about their customer acquisition program at a glance:

  • Summary comparing customer growth and revenue growth
  • Complete listing of both top-performing and bottom-performing sources
  • "Speedometer" indicating where they stand with yearly budget spend
  • Visual breakdown of customers by lead source and spend by lead source
  • Spend advisor that indicates, both visually and in list form, what the best-performing sources are, and where marketers should be spending their budgets

It is game-changing: CertainSource Acquire arms top brands with the ability to spend their acquisition budgets on their best-performing sources, giving them a shorter time to ROI and ensuring maximum customer list growth.

Drives Success

CertainSource Acquire drives success at the source level. Finding the URL level where the best customers originate and moving the acquisition budget there will ensure both immediate growth and long-term performance.

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Manages Sources

CertainSource Acquire manages thousands of prospect sources across multiple channels and solves the problem of how to show ROI improvement in real time.

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Easy To Use

CertainSource Acquire is easy to use. Decisions need to be made quickly so that performance can be optimized, and CertainSource Acquire delivers an intuitive GUI and automated processes.

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Best Support

CertainSource Acquire delivers the best support. Marketers have an assigned account manager and customer-service manager and receive all the support they need to get the most out of the technology.

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Eliminates Waste

CertainSource Acquire eliminates the need to waste money testing sources: marketers have immediate access to their highest-performing sources. And, with the Dashboard, all that information is in one data point.

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Success Starts Now

CertainSource Acquire is a proven ROI-positive customer-acquisition solution that captures, engages, manages, and retains new customers to ensure your lists' growth while safeguarding your brand's reputation.

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